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Using an extended computer analogy to show you what’s going on in your head

Alan Turing can confirm that you are living in the Matrix

Laptops and Four Function Calculators

What’s the difference between your laptop and a four function calculator? What makes your laptop so much more useful than a four function calculator?

A four function calculator is limited in its functionality, literally, to four different functions — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Your laptop has seemingly infinite uses…

From this Reddit post:

The post above was already archived by the time I came across it. I’m going to write out what would’ve been my reply here.

The Question

Here’s an abridged version of the question from the Reddit post.

OP’s reference to excerpt from Hipsters on Food Stamps Part…

Campbell’s Soup Cans, Andy Warhol

Apparently the easiest way to prevent yourself from eating junk food is not buying junk food when you’re at the grocery store. The idea here is that even if you want junk food, you’ll probably be too lazy to go out and buy it if it isn’t already in the…

Miners’ Wives Carrying Sacks of Coal, Van Gogh

Just as the sculptor shapes the stone with his exertions, the stone shapes him by resisting its shaping. The harder the stone is to shape, the stronger the sculptor must become. …

The Bull (Pablo Picasso)

Continued from here:

In the post above I outlined three important characteristics of Time Money Markets that make them different from commodity or equity markets. They are:

  1. Time Pricing. In Time Money Markets everything is priced in hours, not in dollars. Why? Participants in Time Money Markets make trades…

I’ve said before that time is primary to money as a currency (see here). The led to the proposal of Time Accounting, a way of budgeting time in similar to the way people budget their money. …

I took a class in uni where we had problem sets due every week. I typed out the proofs for the first three problem sets in LaTeX. (For those of you do don’t know what LaTeX is, it’s essentially a markup language for writing fancy mathematical text.) It took me…

There have been a lot of thoughts swirling around my head recently about this topic.

Let’s start with the dichotomy between finite and infinite games. Finite games are what are traditionally thought of as “games”. Finite games have players, rules, and a way to win. Infinite games are players and…

In other words, how to avoid burnout

There’s a concept in exercise science called the Perceived Rate of Exertion (PRE). It’s a 0–10 scale that measures how much exertion you feel during an exercise.

The fact that PRE is relevant when there are already objective measurements of workload (reps, weight, speed, etc) points to the fact that…

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