Living in the Matrix II

Once you untie your identity from your thoughts and desires and admit that most of them aren’t yours, you can start to fight the battle for your mind. On one side, there is you, and on the other side, there is everyone and everything else — the system, society, your family, the salesman who just knocked on your door, etc. The prize is your time, energy, and attention, and the goal is to redirect as much time, energy, and attention as possible towards actions that are good for you and the people you care about (what you actually want) and away from benefitting “the system”. In essence, you’re a battery, and you’re trying to unplug yourself from the Matrix. This realization and the ensuing battle is the red pill that is Morpheus is holding in the movie.

Taking the Red Pill, or Escaping the Matrix

The third thing to understand is that all of this is going on inside of your mind. You cannot physically break out of the Matrix with a hammer or with a pill. The Matrix is your perspective, your worldview, and all of this red pill blue pill stuff plays out in your mind. The Matrix is your map of the world, the red pill is the choice to update the map in the presence of new, conflicting information, and the blue pill is the choice not to (or put it off until later). You can only take so many red pills because you only have so much energy to update your map in a day.



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